Kids Karate near Cheyenne
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We love this place. We highly recommend to join this karate school. Our son enjoys every class and is very happy to learn karate from an amazing coach. Best choice to come here. ... Read More

Katrin Bottoms

This place is amazing. I work with special needs adults and this guy does a class for them. He is so patient and caring to each one of them. Thank you for what you do. ... Read More

Karen Huntzinger

If you want to join karate, this is the place to go!!! I'm so glad that we found these guys. Their awesome! ... Read More

Jordan Engel

Kids Karate near Cheyenne

Kids Karate

Set your child up for lasting success by helping them learn focus, discipline, and extraordinary self-confidence. Our Kids Karate classes use traditional martial arts training as a method to teach strong values, important life skills, and give students the tools they need to thrive. Best of all, your child will love each and every class!

Kids Karate near Cheyenne

Adult Karate

Our Adult Karate classes offer accessible fitness training, practical self-defense skills, and the opportunity to connect with a passionate and supportive community. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or to simply learn an exciting new skill, our team at American Legacy Martial Arts is here to help!

Kids Karate near Cheyenne

Adaptive Martial Arts

Everyone deserves to be able to experience the martial arts, which is why our Adaptive Martial Arts classes work to provide everyone in Cheyenne with high-quality martial arts training, regardless of background or ability. Our professional team will offer hands-on guidance and all the tools you need to achieve awesome things!

Discover Your Legacy!

Since we opened in 2012, our team at American Legacy Martial arts has been on a mission. Using our training arsenal of American Kenpo Karate and bad dad jokes, we strive to help our Cheyenne community develop practical self-defense skills, forge stronger bonds with family and friends, and to create positive personal growth through traditional martial arts training. 

Our Karate classes come with real benefits. You'll develop soaring confidence, build stronger discipline, and enjoy better fitness. Each class is fun, high-energy, dynamic, and accessible. No matter your age or experience level, we're proud to embrace you as part of our Karate Community!

With our affordable trial options and our track record of success, it's easier than ever to get started.

Private Lessons are available by appointment!

American Legacy Martial Arts LLC

How Can Karate Help You?

Our students come to us from Cheyenne and beyond because our Karate Classes have something incredible to offer.

Confidence & Self-Esteem in Cheyenne - American Legacy Martial Arts LLC

Confidence & Self-Esteem

American Kenpo Karate training does more than just teach self-defense. It also helps our students build self-esteem, allowing them to live fearlessly and face down any challenge with confidence! From the moment you take your first class, you'll see real rewards from your training at American Legacy Martial Arts. 

Discipline & Self-Control in Cheyenne - American Legacy Martial Arts LLC

Discipline & Self-Control

As you continue your journey through Karate and master new techniques, you'll learn focus and discipline. These skills will benefit kids in school, adults in the workplace, and provide the opportunity to make the most out of each new experience!

Self-Defense in Cheyenne - American Legacy Martial Arts LLC


One of our main goals at American Legacy Martial Arts is to give people in our Cheyenne community access to real self-defense training. It's important to be prepared! We teach situational awareness, reactive self-defense, and how to identify danger before it strikes. 

New Friends & Mentors in Cheyenne - American Legacy Martial Arts LLC

New Friends & Mentors

Since 2012, we've worked hard to bring high-quality self-defense and martial arts training to Cheyenne. We've connected with members of our community and focused on cultivating a family-friendly environment. You'll meet new friends and find mentorship from world-class instructors starting with your very first class!

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