Kids Karate near Cheyenne


1st Degree Black Belt In American Kenpo

Miss Heidi’s martial arts journey began in 2006 when her mom enrolled herself, Heidi and Heidi’s two sisters in karate. She soon realized her passion for karate and earned her black belt in American Kenpo Karate in 2010. Her martial arts experience also includes kickboxing and jiujitsu with additional training in mixed martial arts. Not long after discovering her love for martial arts, she also discovered her love and talent for teaching them. She began teaching children in 2008 which soon progressed to teaching all ages. Heidi has been training with us and assisting with classes since we opened in 2012. In 2015 she began competing in the Colorado Karate Association and earned a Grand Champion title that year, later earning a State Champion title in 2018.

Miss Heidi is also a soldier in the Wyoming Army National Guard and is currently deployed with her unit to the Middle East. It will be a while before we see her on the mats again but we are looking forward to her return.

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